Palax, la cerveza

Palax craft beer

All beer is made with four basic elements: barley, water, hops and yeast. Craft beers contain no artificial additives.

Craft beers taste, smell and look better.

What’s the best way to serve Palax?

Palax bottles have been designed so that you can enjoy the beer directly from the bottle. However, you’ll be able to perceive the beer’s aromas and color better if you serve it in a glass.

Tip the bottle 45º to pour. As it empties raise the bottle to break the flow and generate head.

What does Palax beer look like?

Palax may have a somewhat “murky” look. Why is that? The filtering process is performed after the primary fermentation. The secondary fermentation is done in the bottle, which means the remains of the yeast settle to the bottle of the bottle.

This murkiness is proof of the beer’s craft brewing and secondary fermentation. Drink as normal. Do not shake.

Palax aromas

Breathe in deeply and find the beer’s aromas of grain, honey, flowers and citrus fruits…but more importantly, just enjoy it!